Thursday 9 January 2020

The City School fees structure 2021, admission fees and classes- fusionstories

"The city school" is a reputed private educational institute that stands in Top 10 best schools in Pakistan. The city school follows the Cambridge education system in most of its campuses and has more than 150 branches throughout the country.
The fees and other charges in "The city school" vary depending upon the locality and size of the campus. The main campuses of "The city school" charge higher fees that range from Rs 15,000 to Rs 19,000 per month in Islamabad, Lahore, and Karachi. The city school has different fees structure for different cities or even have different fees within the same city. The new admissions have higher fees in the same class in comparison to older students of the city school. The city school has fewer fees in a few of its campuses which even range between Rs 11,000 to Rs 13,000. The fees are taken bi-monthly in a city school. Here is a fees structure of 2020-21 of different campuses of a city school in Pakistan:   Advertisement

The city school Ravi campus Lahore (class playgroup-class 5) is Rs 37,000 for two months 2019-20.
The city school DHA Lahore fees          Rs 38,000per month(PG-class 7th) 

The city school paf chapter class 7th is Rs 25,000 for two months.

The city school DK Karachi class PG- class 8th is Rs 20,000 for two months.

The city school Rawalpindi class PG- class 7th is Rs 29,000 for two months.

The city school Larkana fees are Rs 21,000 for two months.

In cities like Sialkot, Faisalabad, Larkana, Hyderabad the fees of city school ranges between Rs. 11,000 to Rs 15000 per month which is charged every two months.

The city school O level fees are Rs 38,000 for two months in Capital campus, Islamabad.
 The city school A-level fees are Rs 40, 000 to 42, 000 in    Islamabad and Lahore campuses.  

The city school A level fees are Rs 42,000 for two months.

The registration in "The city school" continues throughout the year. Mostly registration in the higher classes continues till 30th October and registration for playgroup to class 2 is allowed till 30th December of each year. The formal admission date is announced from February to April of 2020-21.  


Admission fees are approx. between Rs 50,000 to Rs 80k depending on the tuition fees of that campus.

We've given you an idea of the city school fees in different cities of Pakistan but for detailed information, one should visit the near campus in person. The fees can have minor variations according to any new policy of school and government. 


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