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‘Let me see you my favorite places at Tehran,’ she dragged him towards south.
‘But what if some falconer or hunter spot us or …,’ he seemed scared and confused.
‘Nothing will happen. Iran is such historical and artistic country that I love to explore it’s ever inch at any risk. Many grand and powerful civilizations cradle in this area. Persian literature and paintings are work of genius,’ she gulped excitedly while flying high. Houbara silently followed her. After flying for 3 hours from Dasht eKavir, they were at Tehran. They speckled at dreamily architect Golestan palace first then she budged him towards Niavaran complex. She also got enthralled while peeping at the jewelry of royal families in national jewelry museum, Tehran. She didn’t want to leave but it was about dusk so they decide to stay at one of the trees on historical Valiasr Street. They were passing by main market when Houbara over heard someone calling him.
‘Hey Houbara, help, help over here,’ just then Houbara spot out a vehicle carrying his best friend Siberian crane trapped in a big cage.
‘Oh my…How you reached here? I left you at Caspian coast after Kazakhstan,’ Houbara flew near to that van.

‘Actually this vehicle offered me lift and I sat inside this cage. Off course I was trapped in a thin transparent net stretched by a hunter in town near Caspian.They should stop teasing migratory birds now but it’s just take water off duck’s back in Iran. He sold me in the main market with many other birds. As I am beautiful healthy crane so I was safe of being selling at slaughter shop otherwise I would be roasted by any Iranian family at Shab e Zalda(a celebration in Iran at longest and dark night of the year). Today, someone has bought me just in $10. How much affront I’m feeling now on just less price?’ crane told his story fluttering in the cage.
‘In fact, you worth $0 but some fool like you…,’ Houbara flew at back.
‘Who is she? Oh…you make new friend…she is beautiful…are you in…?’ Crane asked about female Houbara flying behind but Houbara didn’t answer as the vehicle entered a big farmhouse outside Tehran. Houbara and his friend sat at the top branch of tree in the farm.
‘Oh, my…a beautiful Siberian Crane, my birthday gift,’ a chic Iranian girl with red nose and vivid black eyes, wrapped in a blue scarf and coat came outside, held crane in her lap and took selfie with him. ‘Oh, Baba always surprises me. Yes, some of us are abusive towards you but most of us wait to cherish you in our land dear migratory bird. In winter migratory Cranes are sign of hope for our people and for me too,’ she may send that picture to her father with thank you note.
Crane got excited to see its picture on mobile but its surprise finished after a while when a man came with a sharp scissors and cut its wings.
‘Ooo…,’ crane resisted with flutter but in vain. That girl had dinner with crane and luckily offered him, his favorite pizza. Then she got busy in her studies.
‘Dear crane, wish me good luck for my medical exams. I’m sorry I’ve to leave for my hostel tomorrow but I’ll keep coming here,’ she patted him.     
The night was getting dark. The Iranian girl went to sleep leaving him alone across a big swimming pool.
‘Hey Houbara, are you there?’ lonely Crane called in dark.
‘Oh at last the feast is over. I know, you must have decided to stay over here to enjoy pizza and mobile. Then ok…,’ Houbara showed outside tree and sat at high boundary wall.
‘Take me out of here. Look,they’ve cut my wings. The beautiful girl will also leave by tomorrow,’ crane was really gloomy.
‘Really,’ Houbara looked at side.
‘May he can come out from here,’ female Houbara pointed towards pattern of trees from small to big in the garden. Crane jumped up like jumping on staircase and after struggle of 1 hour crane was successful to escape.
‘Ooo…your friend is a genius,’ crane praised.
‘Just like me, now you’re coming with me and will stay at marshes of Dasht e Kavir,’ they were flying very low.
The day was cold but bright at Dasht e Kavir. Female Houbara was out again to Tehran with her friends to enjoy the festivity of Shab e Zalda. Houbara and Siberian Crane were flying at North-East across Dasht e Lut. Crane wanted to trial its new wings. Out of the blue a falcon attacked Houbara which Houbara saved but that falcon got furious and ran after Crane now. They both flew fast to save their lives but a group of falcons chased them.
 In struggle to hoard their lives, they crossed a chain of dry barren mountains when falcons suddenly stopped and turned back. They held their breath for while and sat at the highest branch of a single dry tree among bushes on that mountain. They were about to fly again when a devastating and brutal blast on mountain flipped them ups and down.
‘Afghanistan…a country at war…we must reach Afghanistan,’ they both screamed after looking at the grinded rocks trembling up in the air after the blast…

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