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15 MCQs ABOUT PAKISTAN TO CHALLENGE YOUR KNOWLEDGE- Can you grab 15/15...? fusionstor-ies

Cross check your knowledge about Pakistan and win... 
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Pakistan quiz and facts

Q 1. Which mountain of Pakistan means ‘naked mountain’ for not allowing snow to stay on it?

a. K2
b. Himalaya
c. Nanga parbat

Q2. Which place is known as 8th natural wonder of world at Pakistan?

a. Princess of Hope, Makran coast

 b.Gawadar beach, Balochistan

c.Fairy meadows, Hunza valley

Q3.  Which missile range of Pakistan is named at Pashtun warrior who defeated Hindu Raja PrithviRaj Chohan such that folks there still mourns?

a..Hatf 3

b.Shaheen 3



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Q4. At which number pakistan's broadband system is in the world?

a.  1st

b.   4th

c.   100th 

Q5. Which is the only Islamic country in the world that has attained nuclear power yet?

a. Saudi Arabia

b. Pakistan

c.  Iran

Q 6 .  What is the national bird of Pakistan?

a. Houbara Bustard

b.  Chukar pheasant

c. Sparrow

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Q 7. How many satellites Pakistan has launched in space?

a. 2

b. 5

c. 6

Q 8. Which wetland of Pakistan is called "migratory birds paradise" that visit here from Siberia every winter ?

a. Thanedarwala game reserve, Bannu

b. Lake Haliji, Sindh

c. Rawal lake, Islamabad

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Q 9. Where is the world's highest paved border located in Pakistan?

a.  Khunjrab pass,China to Pakistan

b.  Kilkik Pass to China

c.  Tochi Pass, Ghazni to Bannu

Q10. Which Mughal EMPEROR IS BURIED in Lahore, Pakistan?

a. Emperor Jalal ud Din Akbar

b. Emperor Jahangir

c. Emperor Aurangzeb

 Q11. When did Islamabad officially declared as new capital of Pakistan?

a.14th August, 1967

b.14 August 1972

c.14 August 1969

Q12. Name the world's largest man made forest in the world?

a. Changa Manga, Lahore, Pakistan

b. Jadev Pyang, India

c. Nebraska forest, America

Q13. Where is world's largest deep Seaport situated in the world?

a.  Port of Shanghai, China 

b. Gawadar port, Makran, Pakistan

c.  Dubai port, UAE


Q 14. Which is the support pakistan does not play much but produce and export 50% finest supports goods of it to world?

a. Hockey goods

b. Baseball goods

c. Best woven footballs, Sialkot

Q 15. Which country have won the war against terrorism just in years with 6th largest military in the world?

a. America

b. India

c.  Pakistan
1.  c         2.  a         3.  c           4. b       5. b        6. b        7. c          8. b      9. a     
10. b     11. a        12. a        13. b         14. c        15. c

Check out your answers and tell how many "points" you won out of 15   ?/15. 

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